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#1 of 6 blogs Our Lady Liberty to Illuminate – provide information, history, resources and the initial tools WE need
#2 of 6 is An American Eagle to Inspire – tell a story about a story that comes true
#3 of 6 is The American Eagle Service The American Eagle Service is to Initiate – take action and make a story come true
#4 of 6 is American Eagle News to Inform – provide news and announcements concerning WE the people
#5 of 6 is American Eagle Store (You are Here) to Invest – purchase stuff and to contribute to, WE the People
#6 of 6 is 1 of WE Project to Incubate – a national project to encourage and nurture our wee little 1’s of WE  🙂

Here WE can contribute to and buy stuff OF, BY and For – WE the People.


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As promised, new E-friendly greeting cards now available.


We the People’

card2‘1 of WE

Non coated (not photographic material, water soluble ink DO NOT WET. Cards are printed on ‘Natural Cream’ 100% Kenaf – Tree Free, Chlorine Free, Acid Free fiber. They are good for our environment and American jobs. Envelopes are 100% recycled paper, but made in the U.S.A. All Note Cards are proudly made, designed and printed in the U.S.A. For more information about Kenaf, please visit www.visionpaper.com or www.kenafsociety.org.


Kenaf Flower

Available as single cards w/ envelope$2.50 TOTAL  mailed to you or for you.

All our envelopes are made with Genesis™ Recycled 100% post-consumer waste, acid free paper. Genesis™ saves trees, American jobs and is good for the environment.

For more information see. www.treecycle.com

The color of our envelopes are called: Milkweed


Available in sets of (12) w/ envelopes $17.95 TOTAL


Our sets of cards will be tied with 100% natural Madagascar Raffia. Raffia is another environment friendly product.

designs by Dahni & I-Magine


Click this link to order:


1 of WE,


an Amer-I-Can eagle

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by Dahni & I-Magine

© Copyright 6/23/09

all rights reserved

As promised, here are some brand new designs, just in time for the 4th of July. There is something for nearly everyone – men, ladies, kids, toddlers and even pets! Hey, they are 1 of WE too! J

Show your pride in being 1 of WE

All designs may NOT be only available through zazzle.com, but they are all exclusive designs by Dahni & I-Magine.




Specials for for the wee 1’s of WE


Hats & Ties


Buttons & Bumper Stickers


Postage StampsStore8


Here is the text link to our zazzle store


Green Eco-friendly Greeting Cards coming Soon!

If you are interested in something else, leave a comment below.

All proceeds go mostly to Zazzle.com

what little is left goes into my pocket 🙂

or used for The American Eagle Service

1 of WE,


An Amer-I-Can eagle

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